United Kingdom’s defence, security & military commercial photography & media agency


Black Site Media is a digital media consultancy and creation agency focused on the products, developments and trends of the defence and military sectors.

We build long-term client relationships to understand your products, your customers and to generate visually rich content for all your marketing channels, from social campaigns to TV advertising. Our collaborative creation programme delivers a continual stream of stunning content for you to use when and where you need it.

Black Site Media clients, also known as Collaborators, will have access to some of the country’s best commercial photographers, cinematographers and graphic designers, all under the direction of current and former United Kingdom Special Forces operators for accuracy and authenticity.  We build imagery that captivates your target market.

We are Black Site Media….

Black Site Media’s Aim

To create beautifully stunning and technically accurate visual media.

Services provided by Black Site Media

Black Site Media’s mission is to assemble the key components needed to create both above and below the line marketing and advertising photography, for businesses across the defence and security industries in the United Kingdom and internationally. We do this by bringing brands together into our Collaborative Content Creation Programme. Our creative team made up of Security Cleared (SC) Photographers, Videographers and Graphic Designers work with the products from each brand to create a diverse, stunning portfolio of images for each Collaborator. Being  part of the Collaborative Content Creation Programme means you get continual fresh content, far exceeding the quality and quantity most individual companies would have the budget to produce independently. Continual content feeds visually hungry social media channels and builds your product image bank for high profile advertising campaigns.


• Collaborative Content Creation Programme

• Studio Product Photography Facility

• Exclusively Commissioned Photo / Video Shoots

• Industry Stock Photography Portfolio and Image Licensing

• Social Media Consultancy and Caretaking