Client: Keela Tactical Solutions – SF Keela Belay Jacket 4.0

Commercial Photography


Brief: Keela wanted new, fresh original marketing and branding imagery for their legendary Keela Belay 4.0 Jacket, Black Site Media was given creative freedom to build a set of images and supply back to Keela Tactical Solutions for their continued marketing and advertising campaign.

The images created would be utilised across all forms of media, from printing in brochures and catalogues, as well as large poster and wall displays at trade shows such as DSEI and DVD The Event. The files would also be provided optimised for online web and social media marketing. We were able to tailor make the licensing for Keela Tactical Solutions, to enable them to use these images with the appropriate usage license in place.  

Needing unique and exclusive imagery that they could use for ongoing marketing and advertising needs. They contacted Black Site Media and after short discussions and mood boards of desired tones and locations, we set the date and spent the day on multiple locations, double checking with client as the shoot progressed to make sure the desired results were being created.


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