If you’re manufacturing and selling high quality products, you need high quality product advertising photography to show them at their best! We can work to a tight brief, or use our own creative knowledge combined with years of experience in studio lighting techniques.

Black Site Media has the ability to stage, outfit and create stunning imagery in the photography studio, with a specific eye for detail in the military and defence industries. From websites, brochures, advertising and packaging, Black Site Media can take create vivid, high quality imagery for your business marketing needs. 

With events like DSEI and DVD The Event here in the UK as well as countless other defence and security trade shows across the globes. Having product material, PDF’s and Catalogues of your products for prospective clients to take away or download is imperative! Why? Because if you don’t, your competition will.

TiSIGHT-DV50 Direct View Thermal Weapon Sight Product Photography - Black Site Media

Quick, high quality, “Packshots”

For high volume work, or instances where you just need a good quality product shot in a hurry, our PackShot service offers the solution. It provides the same level of quality as our standard product photography service, but at a lower price for multiple images. Ideal for catalogues, or e-commerce sites with products that are updated frequently.

Since COVID-19 online shopping has now surged in its ease of use, safety and efficiency. Having imagery of your products on your website, that present your goods to the highest standard, is now basic business sense if you want to attract customers to click add to basket.

Product Photography - Odin Tactical - ©Black SIte Media -00003
Product Photography - Odin Tactical - ©Black SIte Media -00001
Product Photography - Odin Tactical - ©Black SIte Media -00004
Product Photography - Odin Tactical - ©Black SIte Media -00002

Find Out More

Contact us and discuss your businesses product photography needs. We work on flexible pricing system depending on the number of individual  products, and the number of photos needed per item. 

Please email us for our latest product photography price guide help you work out the preliminary quote, you can contact us at