Continuous Rolling Content Program

Syndicate stock photography content for business advertising and marketing

When boots hit the ground it takes a plethora of teamwork from various arms and trades to get the job done down rage on the battlefield.

We take the same approach in creating high end commercial photography stock photography  and cinematic video production for marketing and advertising. By bringing together brands and manufacturers together, we are able to collaboratively create rich content on a regular and frequent basis that promote the quality and highlight the brands involved. We call this the Continuous Rolling Content Program

Commercial Photography for Keela Tactical - Defence Security and Military Photography by Black Site Media

Shoot Schedule

Through the year we will have scheduled mix of photo and video shoots of mixed texture and location. Each month updates would be made to the Client Gallery of the constantly updating imagery collection. From forests, to beach, to urban operations, to high key studio shoots. We constantly create.


Black Site Media draws collectively decades of experience in not just the Media and Film industry but also the defence and special operations community. We come together with clients to creatively construct photoshoots that are both visually stunning, but also technically correct.


We bring together the best, photographers and film makers from both the commercial and defence sectors. Models and Actors that can realistically portray the actions and drills needed. Professional athletes, former special operations soldiers, unique character models. We can build the talent pool you need.

Client Gallery

The client Gallery is the hub of Black Site Media, a database of stock photography imagery that each collaborative client can log into and access the thousands of images that include their products across a varying and constantly expanding spectrum of locations and colours.

Special Forces soldier training with his military working dog, a belgian malinios, Multicam Crye Precision / T3 Gear Pack / AKU Boots / Colt Canada L119A1 / T3 Gear Plate Carrier / Opscore Fast Helmet / Garmin / Glock 19 / Belgian Malinios
Military Photography - REME PNCO Night Ex
British Army Special Operations UKSF conducting urban operations with his Colt Canada L119A1 with Surefire Weapon Light, Trijicon ACOG, Crye Precision CPC Plate Carrier and Multicam G2 Comabt Pants- Commercial Photography of Defence and Military by Black Site Media
Police CTSFO Security Services - Commercial Photography of Defence and Military by Black Site Media

Continuous Rolling Content Program for Companies and Manufacturers

We work directly with the companies and manufacturers that develop, manufacturer and supply Military, Security and Defence Equipment. Each company after discussion and meetings, sign up to the annual Continuous Rolling Content program creating military and tactical stock photography. They would then supply Black Site Media with their brands “Base Line” products that they are wanting featured across the photo and video shoots on the up and coming planned annual shoot schedule.

Black Site Medias’ Delivery

Location sourcing for onsite photoshoots

High definition studio photography

Arrangement of models

Post production and editing of imagery

Images uploaded in high resolution and made available via the online stock photography  gallery

Full image licensing for marketing across all spectrums.

Clients’ Commitments

Continuous Rolling Content Program annual contract

Supply tester / display stock of brand products in sizes requested.

Provide instruction on correct display and deployment of products

Update BSM of any changes or newer product releases